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email scams

We've recently encountered an email scam with a fraudulent request for money. These are nothing new, but time for a reminder that if you receive one, you can report it on the ActionFraud website.

There's more advice online from Citizens Advice and Which

In general be thoughtful about opening unexpected or otherwise suspicious emails, and following links, even if they appear to come from respectable sources. In the words of Alastor Moody, 'constant vigilance' ... and don't forget to back up your data!

Goodwood Runway Status

To save you having to phone them to check, current runway status is published by Goodwood Air Traffic Services on Twitter.

If you do need to contact them, the number is 01243 755162
Or you can use the form on their Noise Management page here

The 'Noise Preferred Routings' for fixed wing aircraft are shown on this map

If you take an interest in these things, you can check aircraft details here

And finally, a link to their weather feed is as below.


Welcome to the web site of the Summersdale Residents’ Association (SRA). We are the largest such Association in the district of Chichester covering much of the North of the city. We have approximately 400 member houses representing over 1000 adults. The work is staffed entirely by volunteers from varying walks of life and the committee meets 8 times a year.  Members are always welcome at committee meetings.

The Association is an integral part of the Summersdale area of Chichester. It aims to encourage community spirit, to preserve and improve the environment and amenities and to foster the interests of Summersdale residents.

We represent you on a number of local committees including the :-

  • Network of Chichester Residents' Associations
  • Goodwood Aerodrome and Motor Circuit Consultative Committees
  • Local Transport Forum
  • NE Forum
  • In addition we have close contacts with the Chichester Society, the East Broyle Residents Association and local Neighbourhood Watch Groups.

    We monitor planning applications proposed in the Summersdale area and lodge objections where appropriate, in addition to keeping a watching brief on wider development activities in the area.

    Our web site will give you all the details including how you can join for the very modest fee of £5 per household per year, and we look forward to you taking a positive interest in the activities of our Association.