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Covid-19 Status

Various links as follows :-
  • Vaccination Clinics
    Southbourne Surgery have the latest information including video clips of what to expect at the vaccination centres here
  • WSCC :-
       * COVID stats are here
       * Dedicated Covid 19 webpage, with links to a lot of helpful websites, including a direct link to our Community Hub. It is updated daily and you can find it here
       * Details of their Fuel Voucher Scheme are here
  • District Council
    Link to sign up for news alerts here
  • City Council
    Letter from the Mayor - February 2021 here
  • Chichester Community Development Trust (CCDT)
    Have a bank of volunteers that will try to help local people who are self-isolating
    or need practical help.
       *Details are here
       *November newsletter here
  • A general list of contacts here
  • Tree Planting Scheme

    Chichester District Council will be one of five local authorities in England taking part in a new tree planting project with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), which aims to increase tree cover in rural and urban areas.
    The scheme will make trees and funding available to individuals, homeowners, schools, community groups, private landowners and tenant farmers.

  • Details of the scheme are on the CDC website here
  • And more about their Biodiversity plans here
  • Goodwood Drone Project

    An extraordinary meeting was set up to brief the Goodwood Aerodrome Consultative Committee members about a project being hosted at Goodwood Aerodrome in 2021. The project was awarded funding by the UK Government in support of enabling Drone-led responses in the future to the CV19 pandemic, or similar.

  • Notes from meeting of the GACC on 6th January here
  • You can download the Powerpoint presentation from the consortium leading the project here
  • This has been given an extra frisson of interest by recent publication of the Air Accident Investigation Board report into the crash of a drone there in 2019. We will be following up on any implications this may have. The AAIB report is here

    Goodwood Airfield

    Runway status is as per. their Twitter feed.

    If you need to contact them, the number is 01243 755162
    You can use the form on their website to contact them about aircraft noise or over-flights.

    The 'Noise Preferred Routings' for fixed wing aircraft are shown on this map

    If you take an interest in these things, you can check aircraft details here

    The Daffodil Field Revisited

    It's almost seven years since development of the 'Daffodil Field' between Summersdale and Lavant was blocked. Time moves on and now new proposals have been submitted, this time by Berkeley Homes and for 140 houses, rather than the 90 that had previously been planned!

    More details on our planning page here

    And some links for more information :-

  • Our copy of the site plan is here
  • Goodwood flight path(s) are shown on this map
  • Berkeley Homes' website is here
  • And archive of our notes from the 2013 plans here
  • The Valley Diary

    News from the Lavant Valley (Binderton to East Dean) is now published here

    Whitehouse Farm

    The City Council have proposed a 'land swap' whereby Bishop Luffa School would be re-built on the Whitehouse Farm development and the new houses this would displace, built on the current Bishop Luffa site. Details are here

    Miller Homes, the Whitehouse Farm Developers, ran a short lived 'virtual public consultation'.
    More details here

    And the Chichester Society have current status of the development here

    Madgwick Village

    Outline planning permision is being sought to build 165 houses to the west of Magwick Lane. That's in addition to the 300 currently being built to the east of the lane and the 200 east of Graylingwell.
    The Planning application (20/02824/OUT) can be found here

    Westhampnett/North East Chichester SDL Land North East Of Graylingwell Park - Phase 2

    The SRA is monitoring this development, in particular the proposed pedestrian / cycleway that will run to the end of Fordwater Road, near the bridge over the River Lavant. At the northern end it would run between the River Lavant and houses on Maplehurst Road.

    For further details see Planning Application 19/03191/REM on the CDC website: Application for reserved matters (appearance, landscaping, layout and scale ) for residential development comprising up to 200 dwellings, including an element of affordable housing, associated landscaping and open space.


    Welcome to the web site of the Summersdale Residents’ Association (SRA). We are the largest such Association in the district of Chichester covering much of the North of the city. We have approximately 400 member houses representing over 1000 adults. The work is staffed entirely by volunteers from varying walks of life and the committee meets 8 times a year.  Members are always welcome at committee meetings.

    The Association is an integral part of the Summersdale area of Chichester. It aims to encourage community spirit, to preserve and improve the environment and amenities and to foster the interests of Summersdale residents.

    We represent you on a number of local committees including the :-

  • Network of Chichester Residents' Associations
  • Goodwood Aerodrome and Motor Circuit Consultative Committees
  • Local Transport Forum
  • NE Forum
  • In addition we have close contacts with the Chichester Society, the East Broyle Residents Association and local Neighbourhood Watch Groups.

    We monitor planning applications proposed in the Summersdale area and lodge objections where appropriate, in addition to keeping a watching brief on wider development activities in the area.

    Our web site will give you all the details including how you can join for the very modest fee of £5 per household per year, and we look forward to you taking a positive interest in the activities of our Association.