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Contact Us

We would like to hear from you and you can contact us via. email as follows :-
(Note that in some cases, emails will be forwarded to more than one person)

Chairman    For comments and general feedback.

Membership    For all Membership matters including updates to your email address.

Planning    For all concerns regarding planning.

Goodwood    For all concerns regarding activities at Goodwood Airfield and Motor Circuit.

Webmaster    For problems with broken links, inaccurate or out-of-date information on the Website.

Newsletter    For feedback regarding the Newsletter.

eMail links    Please note that the eMail links only work 'automatically' if you have your browser set to fire up your mail system of choice. If this is a problem, please copy and paste the addresses to your email client/web mail.

If you want to link your browser to your email system, or are simply interested in how these things work, there's more detail ... here
However, we found that with Firefox you can only set it to Yahoo or Googlemail and for Chrome, mailto extensions can access things you might prefer them not-to !

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