Notice Board Last Updated: 19 June 2018

Notice Board

Goodwood Aerodrome and Circuit

Goodwood strive at all times to minimise the effect of noise coming from both the Motor Circuit and the Airfield. However, if you feel that at anytime the noise from the circuit is in excess of the permitted limits or if you feel an aircraft has not followed the specified route and has taken off over your house then please contact Goodwood directly on 01243 755162. You will be asked to press button 1 and then record your complaint straight away. Please give full details including exact times, especially if complaining about low flying aircraft. You should receive a response within 48 hours. If you do not please drop an e-mail to admin@summersdaleresidents.co.uk setting out the details.

Please remember that landing aircraft are allowed to approach runway 06 on a North Easterly flight path straight over Summersdale. It is aircraft taking off in the opposite direction ( ie. Runway 24) that are supposed to turn right after take-off and pass through the Lavant Gap, thus avoiding Summersdale.

Their noise management policy for aircraft is set out on the Goodwood website here .   And maps showing the 'noise abatement' flight paths for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters are here

Which runways are in use will depend on wind direction and Goodwood have provided a link to their weather station, here

Finally, here is a pilots eye view of Landing on Runway 06 :-

Goodwood Airfield



A defibrillator has been installed in the entrance of Saint Michael's Hall. Full details are here

Neighbourhood Policing

Our neighbourhood Community Support Officer covers Summersdale, East Broyle and Parklands. Contact details are here
In an emergency, call 999 as usual but for less urgent situations 101 is the number to use. For non-urgent reports call 0845 60 70 999 and get a crime number.
There are more details about reporting anti social behaviour here

The Neighbourhood Management Panel (NMP) held regular meetings, at which we were represented, to discuss problems and priorities with local police. However, the group was deemed not to be viable and was wound up in September 2017.

Neighbourhood enforcement priorities include vandalism and anti-social behaviour, notably in Brandy Hole Copse, cycling on pavements and dog owners who allow their dogs to foul but fail to clean up after them.
There has been a spate of bike thefts so keep your bike locked and note its frame number.

You can also report problems as follows :-

  • Vandalism and other non-urgent crime phone numbers are as above or contact.centre@sussex.police.uk.
  • Dog fouling - call the Dog Warden John Rosser at Chichester District Council 01243 785166.
  • Graffiti, call Grafitti Solutions 0845 126 5555 – they need to know the town and location with road name.
  • Anti-social driving, eg drivers using mobile phones, speeding, under age or drink- or drug-driving, tailgating and cars and motorbikes in unsafe condition, abandoned or untaxed. Report such transgressions to Sussex Police on 01243 642222 or use www.operationcrackdown.org.
  • Postal scams - if you receive a delivery card through your letterbox suggesting that a parcel awaits your collection and inviting you to call a premium rate number for details, visit www.phonepayplus.org.uk for further guidance (some scams have been closed) or contact PhonepayPlus, the premium rate service regulator, on 0800 500 212 (Mon-Fri, 8am-6pm) .
  • Trading Standards 08454 040506 (or WSCC on 01243 777100 or the WSCC website )
  • Fly Tipping see this WSCC link
  • The University are happy to assist with any problems resulting from students travelling home after the bar, or making general noise within their properties (late night parties, music etc) if residents feel ignored or disrespected when making their own representations.
    Contact Chloe Woodward (General Manager) on 01243 816128 or email C.Woodward@chi.ac.uk
  • Sussex Police are curently trying to recruit more Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinators in the Chichester District. If anyone is interested in the role would they e-mail our Liason Officer (details as above) with their name, address and telephone number so that they can contact you.
    It is worth noting that some Insurance companies offer a discount on the the cost of their Home Insurance to people involved in a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. To view a guide to what the role of a Neighbourhood Watch Co-Ordinator entails, Click Here

    County Council, District Council, City Council.

    Which is responsible for what? Do you often feel confused?
    Click Here to view a guide published by Summersdale Residents’ Association to help untangle the matter in broad terms.

    South Chichester County Local Commitee (CLC)

    The CLC is a meeting of local County Councilors held 6 times a year to which the general public is invited and which is designed to make sure that local people can help shape the 80% of services provided by the County Council.

    For more information on the south Chichester CLC Click Here

    Conker Club

    A baby and toddler group meets on Monday mornings during term times at St Michael's Hall, Summersdale Road. It is being run by two members of Immanuel Church, Liz Dyson and Serena Turner. The club starts at 10.00am and finishes at 11.30am and welcomes all babies and toddlers with their parents or carers for play and fun activities. There has been a great response to the group which regularly attracts between 15 and 20 children.
    Contact Liz on 778130 or Serena on 544214.