Planning Last Updated: 29 September 2020

Planning Issues

Planning Applications reviewed by SRA

We review current planning applications at every meeting, as recorded in the minutes
and detailed in our Planning Reports ... as follows :-

  • September 2020
  • July 2020
  • May 2020
  • Planning applications can be viewed on Chichester District Council’s website here.

    Your Voice Counts

    Any objections to planning applications can be sent via the CDC website or by letter to :-

       Head of Development and Building Control Services,
       Chichester District Council,
       East Pallant House,
       1 East Pallant,
       West Sussex

    Mark as “Objection” and include the reference number.

    Planning Queries: Chichester District Council:

    Click here to view the CDC Planning Screen. Once at the welcome screen, check the menu items and choose the service you require.

    Summersdale Neighbourhood Character Appraisal

    We produced a report in 2008 which serves as a reference in planning matters in our area. Its summary describes its purpose thus :-

    It was "written in conjunction with the Chichester City Planning and Conservation Committee, was limited to the oldest properties and roads in the suburb. It describes the history and distinctive visual character of the neighbourhood, and provides a framework for limited and sensitive development, while protecting the long established character and heritage of the area.

    A case is made for either an appropriate Conservation policy, or a comprehensive Local Listing of buildings 'the character and appearance of which it is desirable to preserve or enhance' (PPG15). It also makes a strong case against demolition, and puts quality well before quantity in any re-development. There are no current opportunities for large scale development in the prescribed area and few, if any, for appropriate infill re-development. The area needs no re-generation per se, and the local demand for other than established family homes should be easily absorbed by the large residential developments nearby at Graylingwell Hospital and the Roussillon Barracks.

    This appraisal was adopted by Chichester City Council at its meeting on 9 July 2008."

    Click Here
    for the full report.